The Alzheimer’s Disease in Primary Care Study

About the Program
The Alzheimer’s Disease in Primary Care Study (ADPC: R01AG058537) is a $6.5 million grant awarded from the National Institute on Aging. The study is the first-ever examination of a blood-based Alzheimer’s test for primary care settings. Participants must be 65 or older and have memory concerns. This study includes 6 components: interview/neuropsychological testing, blood draw, informant Interview, MRI of the brain, PET scan of the brain, and research medical exam. Participants must have a referral form from their doctor. For more information please contact the study team at 817-735-2963.
Dates & Times
Available year-round
University of North Texas Health Science Center
855 Montgomery Street
5th Floor
Fort Worth, TX 76107
Health Pavilion